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But first, Rozay said him warning Meek Mill about Nicki Minaj was “a fact.”https:// F0v DHAk/ “Just that big brother love, it wasn’t nothing personal against Nicky, it could have been Keysha off the block,” Ross told Williams.“That was just my opinion, be careful.”He added, “Sometimes you just got to let your little brother live.”As for his former fiancee.“I must admit. I’m not perfect,” said Rozay about the demise of his relationship with Lira Galore.The two were rumored to have broken up in November, but bounced back, posing for a photoshoot in Paper magazine a month later.Unfortunately it seems that the couple have truly called it quits, as Galore has reported in a new interview with Global Grind.From fashion designer Shateria Moragne-El to model Lira Galore, the Bawse knows how to keep a lady on lock.It appears the MMG rapper may just be busting out the charm again, as he’s been spotted here, there and everywhere with radio host and former reality star, Deelishis.Joseline gave birth to her first daughter Bonnie Bella and a paternity test proved that Steve Jordan is the father.

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It turns out Stevie and Joseline’s blow up was over nothing as Rick Ross tells Wendy Williams that the Puerto Rican princess was not his girlfriend or a hookup when questioned.The reality star wrote something about self-acceptance but nobody really read all that mess. The biggest boss Rick Ross was apparently feeling the bday boobsticle photos because he left this message under the photo: So, is Ross trying to make India is newest Black Bottle Girl?The rapper and model were seen coupled up during a recent club appearance.This time she’s dating The Boss, Rick Ross, who famously dumped his last big booty model Lira Galore and caused the young girl to end up on a TV show asking Iyanna to fix her life.Kissy Denise - is a warrior, a survivor, a self-made woman and a source of inspiration..