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Having drip-fed along at 2,000 downloads per week, the album clocked-up an additional 73,000 downloads within days of the i Pod Nano ad airing.If you include hard copies too, it has since shifted almost a million copies worldwide.It could be the easiness of her new single, '1234', or the consistency of making a music that is ultimately hers, that brought her first chart success. Soon, the download for the song went from 2,000 per week to a staggering 73,000 hits per week, earning itself 7th position at Hot Digital Songs chart and a #8 peak at Billboard Hot 100.'1234' gained its popularity when Apple i Pod Nano utilized the song in its U. At the same time, the album 'The Reminder' escalated from #38 to #28 in its 22nd week and remained at the top 50 the week after, a rare feat for indie rock musicians.Shot in one continuous take by director Patrick Daughters, the clip showed Feist in a blue-sequined jumpsuit leading a group of friends, all wearing color-coded outfits, in a choreographed dance as they belted the chorus of ba-da-ba-da-das. For most artists her calibre, this was the definition of success: You Tube hit, career-best sales, sell-out gigs. When the TV commercial for the third generation i Pod Nano hit that September, Feist became a household name and pop superstar virtually overnight.“1234” shot up the charts, ushering in the age of “pop stardom via Apple commercial placement,” paving the road for the Ting Tings and the Submarines. “It eventually supernova’d beyond me,” Feist says, “and at that point [the music] was speaking about me rather than me about it. I just started to fade from the picture.” In November 2008, Feisthad officially faded. I didn’t recognize those walls in life and I let myself hit them.

Soon, Feist guested on Sesame Street, helping sundry Muppets teach children how to count.What many didn't know was that the singer had previously appeared in the video for "Lovertits", a song by her potty-mouthed electro-punk pal, Peaches.The treatment for the video required Feist – then also known as Bitch Lap Lap – to lick a bicycle in a way that can only be described as lascivious.The singer still performs with the 19-piece band, and can be thankful for it.It was all a long journey, before Feist reaches the kind of success that she achieves now.