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When you download and set up i Cloud on your Windows PC, your photos, videos, mail, files, and bookmarks are accessible on all of your devices.

If you need help, you can find solutions to common issues or learn more about i Cloud for Windows.

[step 6] Open the i Cloud from the Start Menu (under All Programs) and sign in with the Apple ID and password.

[step 7] Place a check mark into the box that shows Mail, Contacts, Calendars & Tasks and click Apply.

Despite this, you can set up i Cloud email in Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 as well if the outgoing server (SMTP) is set on TLS!

The set up steps are the following: Hi there, my name is Gee Are, blogger and analyst. I’m the founder and owner of the two blogs called pabst.socialmedia and - Tech. My work experience as a blogger and analysist (Internet Intelligence, SEO and social media) is the basis of the services of pabst.socialmedia.

You should notice the following message shortly after clicking the Apply button.

By default you get 5GB for free, but the i Cloud plan prices are reasonably cheap if you require more storage.That means extra room for all of your photos, videos, documents, apps, and more.You can upgrade right from your i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, Mac, or PC.[step 9] Click Contacts on the left hand Navigation pane. [step 10] Simply select all contacts in this folder and copy them them to any other folder in Outlook or vice versa.The easiest way to do this is CTRL A to select all, CTRL C to copy them all to the clipboard, then CTRL V to past them all into the destination folder after selecting the new location. Some of you have been saying that this procedure doesn’t work right on various other system configurations.