Updating mei bill validators

Is your business ready to accept this new legal currency?The MEI series 2000 combo acceptor integrates the industry-leading MEI series 2000 bill validator with a debris-resistant, swipe-style credit card reader.This is the ultimate in high acceptance, security, reliability, interface compatibility, overall quality, and top-notch support.Perfect for accepting all US bills, and any foreign currency up to 72 mm wide Pyramid produces reliable, affordable bill acceptors to yield higher profits for your amusement, vending, kiosk, gaming, money changer, parking system, or other currency validator applications.Like other Series 2000 bill acceptors, the AE2600 Upstacker bill acceptor uses optical sensing technology for accurate, reliable bill acceptance.If you're looking for a drop-in replacement bill validator, or if you just want higher quality at a lower price, this is the acceptor you've been waiting for.Every Pyramid acceptor is built in the USA by Pyramid Technologies so that they can test each one to demanding quality standards.

Keep your machines running A bill jam shuts down your machine, costs you a service call, and worse, can jeopardize placements at your hard-won locations.

Want a Series 2000 bill acceptor but need and bill acceptance?

The MEI Series 2000 AE2600 Upstacker bill acceptor is for you.

Enhanced security MEI’s current products rely on fully encased, optical sensors with advanced algorithms to reduce the acceptance of counterfeit currency and ensure consistent, high-quality recognition.

The VN 2500 bill acceptor’s sensors greatly reduce vulnerability to both “yank cheating” and invalid bills.