Updating flex builder

It refers to 'for Flex Builders' but if Adobe renamed Flex some years ago to Flash Builder, why are they still calling it Flex? If so, once it is selected, then what exactly are the steps to extract it?Adobe's instructions on this page say Library Path in Flash Builder my path shows Flex 4.6.0(build 23201) - /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.6/sdks/4.6.0_AIR4.0 so I cd'd there and tried both of the above suggestions.As of this writing, AIR 3.3 is the latest version, whereas Flash Builder 4.6 came with v3.1 installed. And, second I ran into a few flaky bugs and I wanted to test my builds using the latest SDK version.1.Make a copy of the Flex SDK directory and place it in the same default sdk directory. Rename the new directory you just created to something like “4.6A3.3”.2. Yep, even though Adobe open sourced Flex, they still produce AIR and the Flash Player runtime: Maybe I can check out the source from some repository and build it myself (how, please? Does Apache offer anything, since they are the new owners?UPDATE: I've checked out Apache's Flex with Yes, that would be Adobe.the contents from the AIR SDK zip file into the new copy of the Flex SDK directory.There will be some files that you have to overwrite in order to get the latest version.4.

Oh, and if you’re interest in Android development using Adobe AIR then I highly recommend Joseph’s Flash Development for Android Cookbook.It seems to have installed fine As you can see I've tried multiple versions.I also select the air version in my Flex Project compiler path.You should be able to get the Apache Source from SVN as an anonymous user.The trunk includes the framework dump from Adobe; but I haven't delved in myself.