Symantec antivirus 10 not auto updating

Double-click the value \"Allow manual update\" and change it from \"0\" to \"1\". The Live Update feature will be enabled upon the reboot.

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Batting 0 for 2 now, that's not a good track record for me. I'm just glad I'm not the one who paid for it - my university provides it with a corporate license (this is the closest version I could find to review).

It even has security features that protect its security features.

I had to buy a new computer, and got a different anti-virus program.This must be circumvented to keep the software updated. Press \"WIN\" and \"R\" at the same time at startup.Open up the Symantec Interface by double-clicking the Symantec \"shield\" icon next to the system clock. Open the settings page for Symantec and navigate to the \"Server Settings\" section of the \"Live Update Policy\". \"WIN\" is the Windows logo key between \"Ctrl\" and \"Alt\".If Norton Security Suite is already installed on your PC, it will be automatically upgraded to run on Windows 10.If the upgrade to Windows 10 removed your copy of Norton Security Suite, we ask that you download and install the Norton Security Suite software again by using the "Get Norton Security Suite" button on the top of this page.