Spotify friends list not updating

There are many things I believe set Spotify apart from the competition.Chief of which is that Spotify focuses on the music and leaves many of the frills to 3rd parties. I had linked my Spotify premium account as soon as Ver. Now I cannot see any of my Sonos devices in the Spotify app. Further, in the Sonos Advanced Settings/Music Sources (Mac app) there is no option for 'Control Sonos from Spotify'. However, Android phones are so varied, there’s no one-size-fits-all way to keep pings and dings at bay.

I have read at least 10 other forums with this problem with no clear solution. After updating my Spotify Desktop player, my Recently Played Artist list has not updated in a week or so.Spotify on my Android phone seems to be similarly affected as well. As Spotify CEO Daniel Ek recently said: So here are ten “complaints” I’ve seen from new users of Spotify who are more used to services that try to provide everything but the kitchen sink.For each one, I point you to an available solution.