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But why not The rapists, defilers and those involved in sodomy are a product of the society.Those of us who have come into contact with victims of sexual offences know very well how traumatizing the offences may be. is not meant for pleasure but for procreation and ensuring that one? It was against this background that the sexual offences Act, was mooted and eventually passed by parliament.Sexual offences leave a very bad taste in the mouths of the victims and of their close relatives.

Talk to your doctor about how to prevent malaria while traveling.

This post seeks to surmarise the details already addressed in the report and those not given enough focus.

Kenya has an average hiv prevalence rate of 6% and with about 1.6 million people living with HIV infection, it is one of the six HIV ‘high burden’ countries in Africa.

The National AIDS Control Council recently released Kenya County profile book in which it reports on the HIV situation in all counties in Kenya.

Several issues addressed in the report include gender based prevalence rates, new infections county and point of entry into the database used to dispense ART (Antiretroviral therapy).