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Mass produced Schwinn bikes have been data-coded since1965 by the first two letters in the serial number.The firstletter tells production month, the second tells production year.By early 1959, serial number 949 had been reached, necessitating a new system.The “New” System This system was used from Spring of 1959 to the end of 1965.The Earliest Paramount Serial Numbers The very first Paramounts seemed to have had serial numbers starting with “A” followed by two or three digits.

The letters "I" and "O" are not used, to avoid mistakingthem for numbers.The last of the possible locations is on the head tube, which is are on the very front of the bicycle (between the handlebars and the fork) on which the Schwinn logo badge is affixed.Look below and to the left of the badge to find the serial number.Some Japanese bikes may have an 'X' in the month position of the frame serial number.Gene from web site provided this great info on figuring out your old trusty Schwinn; Schwinn Bike Dating After 1965, Schwinn serial number sequences, while appearing to beconfusing on first sight, follow several general rules.