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Some patients with cirrhosis are completely asymptomatic and have a reasonably normal life expectancy.Other individuals have a multitude of the most severe symptoms of end-stage liver disease and a limited chance for survival.Elizabeth from Bruce, Michigan, picks The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne Elizabeth's comment: "Although I haven’t read John Boyne’s other books so can’t speak for them, his THE HEART’S INVISIBLE..." (read more) Today's prize is worth . is about Aviva Grossman, who decides she wants to go into politics, and, like many young people who wish to enter that field, becomes an intern.

The progression of liver injury to cirrhosis may occur over weeks to years.However, the true effectiveness and risk of serious harms such as suicidal thoughts and attempts remains unclear because of the small number and poor design of clinical trials assessing these antidepressants, and the selective reporting of findings in published trials and clinical study reports, caution the authors."The balance of risks and benefits of antidepressants for the treatment of major depression does not seem to offer a clear advantage in children and teenagers, with probably only the exception of fluoxetine.Most available antidepressants are ineffective, and some may be unsafe, for children and teenagers with major depression, according to the most comprehensive comparison of commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs so far, published in The Lancet.The findings indicate that out of 14 antidepressant drugs [1], only fluoxetine was more effective at relieving the symptoms of depression than placebo, whilst taking venlafaxine was linked with an increased risk of engaging in suicidal thoughts and attempts compared with placebo and five other antidepressants.