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Officers from the Royal Military Police (RMP) also investigated claims they then planted guns to make the victims appear to be insurgents – then falsified mission reports.Some victims were handcuffed and hooded before being shot dead, it was claimed.Zentrale Aufgabe des Koordinierungsstabes ist es, die erforderlichen Unterbringungskapazitäten zeitgerecht zur Verfügung zu stellen, um die Obdachlosigkeit von Flüchtlingen zu vermeiden.Der Koordinierungsstab nimmt insbesondere folgende Aufgaben wahr: Weitere Aufgabe des Koordinierungstabes ist es, alle Aufgaben von Behörden, Ämtern und nicht-staatlichen Akteuren, die Teil der Flüchtlingshilfe sind, übergreifend zu koordinieren. Zentraler Koordinierungsstab Flüchtlinge (ZKF)Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 22, 20459 Hamburg E-Mail [email protected] E-Mail [email protected]

The RMP is arranging to travel to Afghanistan to interview the witnesses. The case was brought by Leigh Day, a law firm seeking compensation for the family of the deceased.

She told rescuers she jumped into the water from beside the Portuguese island's airport believing her husband Michael had got back on board the Marco Polo cruise ship after both had disembarked earlier in the day following a blazing row.

Details of the moments leading up to the drama of Mrs Brown's sea rescue emerged as her husband Michael, 69, remained holed up at the couple's home at Shaftesbury, Dorset, after flying back home from Madeira alone.

Their current beef with show creator Mona Scott-Young may prevent them from gracing the series again, but fans still miss the OG couple who set the franchise off seven years ago.

While you’re on Facebook, dishing on the latest, trifling antics of TV’s biggest reality-show train-wrecks they’re busy counting stacks — and lots of em’.