Ochocinco and cheryl burke dating

“Yes, I know he was talking to Cheryl when we were filming the show and sending her gifts, he also was sending stuff to Evelyn, from “Basketball Wives”” Halie confirms.

Halie also has major beef because Chad tried to play her out on TV and make her look confused when she said they’d met before and he’d tried to holler at her.

beginning season two of the popular show, her major concerns were shyness and cameras. Light is shed on those things and more in her new book entitled champion sees a therapist weekly, even though she says she’s experienced growth and now understands the things that happened to her. Cheryl has spent the last year without a serious boyfriend in order to figure herself out. While on , she has received ongoing media coverage for weight issues.

She has also been making efforts to overcome tough events in her life like being molested as a child, dealing with abusive relationships, suffering from low self-esteem, as well as struggling with her weight. Senator Scott Brown, for example, recently revealed on that he was molested as a child. Burke says people need to talk about the issue so they can move on.

Chad “Negro Please You Kno’ Yo Name Is Johnson” Ochocinco isn’t fooling anybody with his “Reality Show” — not only was he not being real with the contestants about the women he was dating who weren’t part of the show — he also wasn’t being honest when it came to a certain contestant — Heather.

In our exclusive interview with Heather (whose real name is Halie) she told BOSSIP that the reports are true that Chad was hitting off Evelyn from “Basketball Wives” and Cheryl Burke from “Dancing With the Stars” with gifts, calls and messages when he was supposed to be devoted to ladies in the Vh1 house vying for his love and attention.

On July 28, 2011, the New England Patriots acquired Johnson in a trade with Cincinnati after he restructured a three-year contract for .35 million.

The Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League chose Johnson in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft with the 36th overall pick.Unfortunately, many people deal with the issue of having been molested as a child. There have also been reports over the years that she was dating some of her not-spoken-for, as well as married celebrity dance partners.Burke states in her book that none of those reports are true.He was inactive for the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens after reportedly attending his father's funeral.Johnson played in his first Super Bowl, catching 1 pass for 21 yards.