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submit and post your 20 Seconds Of Pure Dance video on youtube now! After an eight-month whirlwind romance, Broome playwright Dan Lee and Missy Higgins are set to make it official.

A.’s kind ofweird — it’s got a really barren feel to it sometimes. Yeah, and I have a song that says “girl.”But when we first started our relationship, she was not comfortable withbringing it out into the open, and I was so head over heels in love with her Ikind of wanted to shout it out to the world, so it was just a song aboutkeeping something under the covers and not being comfortable sharing somethingwith the world, keeping it away locked in a little room. I think for a while there I feltmisrepresented, and that was a misconception that I had come out as a lesbian. I don’t like saying exactly what mysongs are about, but it was about a relationship I had and — well, it was abouta she.I think a lot of people think I’m actually a lot more polite.Higgins has openly been in relationships with both men and women in the past.In 2007 Higgins told lesbian magazine she is “not straight,” and thinks, “sexuality is a fluid thing and it’s becoming increasingly more acceptable to admit that you’re that way.” The singer is also a fierce campaigner for same-sex marriage, revealing in a that “love is love, it shouldn’t be discriminated against. It’s the way our country is moving; it’s the way that the world is moving.