January jones dating

That's what the new rumor seems to be as apparently the Mad Men star is rekindling his relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt.

The couple broke up this past summer after being with each other for over 18 years.

An insider revealed that the 37-year-old actress has stated, "relationships are a pain in the ass." (Photo Credit: Getty Images) RELATED: Why January Jones Won't Reveal Her Son Xander's Father Jones met the 45-year-old actor on the set of their television series, and the two started dating shortly after, this past April.

Unfortunately though, a rep for the actor says that the report is simply untrue and that Hamm and Jones are nothing more than "good friends." The publication even stated last year that Hamm was secretly dating his other co-star Elisabeth Moss, which later turned out to be a false report as well.

), Hamm and Jones have been keeping things on the down low ever since the actor broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, this past summer.

But it was only until recently that the former co-workers have decided to turn their friendship into "something more" as they've been hooking up for some time now.

He even thanked her in his Emmys speech in September 2015, not long after they split.

After their breakup, Hamm was rumored to be dating January Jones, his former on-screen wife.