Intimidating guild names

In 1986, ESPN thought 'syrupmakers' was a brilliant name for a sports team. The basketball team got this tragic name during a game in which they were forced to wear mismatched uniforms due to shortage of funds.It still doesn't justify why it couldn't be changed when they did."The Fighting Koalas concept is to give each athlete the tools and knowledge to achieve personal bests in the sport,..." - The official Fighting Koalas website.Above all else in Nord culture is the quest for honor and glory, and a great emphasis is placed on family values.They thrive in the cold, reminiscent of their native Atmora, and are known as a militant people by their neighbors.It's one thing to think of something quirky to call your team, and it's something totally different to deliberately think of something so outlandish that no one gets why you would want to call yourselves that.

Most of Elfman’s attires have a Japanese look to them.

Nords are also naturally superior at sea, and have benefited from nautical trade since their first migrations across the sea from Atmora.

They captain and crew the merchant fleets of many regions, and may be found all along Tamriel's coasts.

They are NOT the official mascots or emblems of any of the teams mentioned herein.

This high school has named its football team the 'syrupmakers' to pay homage to Cairo, which was home to the plant that produced Roddenberry's syrup. Oh BTW, the boys on sports teams are called 'makers' and the girls are called 'maids'.