Intimidating college football stadium

Next, and naturally following, certain stadiums affect teams in different ways, but the best venues — usually the ones that sell out every game — will disrupt the visiting team to the extent that they’re perpetually false starting and cannot communicate on the field.Sometimes a raucous crowd won’t have an immensely noticeable result, but it’s still there, and every little bit counts, especially if a game’s going down to the wire. Whether it’s the architect, location, a unique entrance, or even just a nation-wide fan base, all of these factors — some more random than others — combine to make the best places in the country to watch football on Saturdays.

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In my opinion, a college football season isn't truly complete unless you plan at least one visit to South Bend. A stroll through the warm, homey campus with "The Grotto" and all the historic landmarks is as relaxing and entertaining as you could ever imagine. North Carolina, Kenan Stadium With all the pine trees surrounding Kenan Stadium, this is a picture postcard setting any time of the year.

Tiger Stadium- Louisiana State University Capacity: 102,321 Mascot: Tigers Selected for: The size of the stadium and the rowdiness of the fans.

When Tiger Stadium is full its the fifth largest city in Louisiana.

82,600 (2001–2007) 80,650 (1999–2000) 58,292 (1998) 70,210 (1992–1997) 72,387 (1982–1991) 70,016 (1980–1981) 54,000 (1977–1979) 48,000 (1967–1976) 41,500 (1953–1966) 40,000 (1949–1952) 32,890 (1927–1948) Kyle Field is the football stadium located on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

It has been the home to the Texas A&M Aggie football team in rudimentary form since 1904, and as a complete stadium since 1927. The seating capacity of 102,733 in 2015 makes the stadium the largest in the Southeastern Conference and the fourth largest stadium in the NCAA, fourth largest stadium in the United States, and the fifth largest non-racing stadium in the world.

Intimidating college football stadium