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I lacked a lot in the self-confidence department, and was constantly fretting about what my hair, face, and clothes looked like. I began to grow more excited when the messages began to flood in. It was competition -- it was madness -- a secret loathing and paranoia built up inside me as I became more and more addicted to the app. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how unsettling this whole thing was. I judged my self-worth based off of whether or not someone would match me or not, and got upset when I was the one to swipe first. All because of one little app's ability to swipe left and right based off of how "hot" the person on the other end thought I was. Pretend you're ghosting them in real life too -- but if they start chatting, make polite conversation and find a way out. Just don't talk to previous Tinder/Bumble dates if you can help it.

I used to secretly order clothes online out of the sheer thought of my friend seeing me in the same outfit, and worked out excessively if only to make sure I didn't have to wear anything larger than a size two. I was healthy, pretty, and smart - and yet I was incapable of recognizing any of these things because no one other than my family had really ever taken the time to tell me that. I was obsessed with the accumulation of matches, yes, but more importantly, the validation of my attractiveness. I changed my photographs and bio constantly, and panicked when I felt my messages were not witty enough to garner a response. While I was lucky to have friends with me both times, I've come up with a comprehensive list of tactics that you can use should this ever happen to you. If you have to fake a friend emergency or an appointment you're almost late for, do it. If they initiate conversation with you, smile and make polite conversation but do all you can to make it seem like you don't recognize them or know who they are.

Then one day it hit me; sitting there at 3 a.m., swiping left and right, left and right, right right right, left, right right, and suddenly: I hit a dead end. " depending on how long you talked for before the ghosting. In that case make polite conversation while devising a way out -- which may be the emergency friend situation or the appointment you simply must get to. If they're with a date or their parents, I wouldn't approach.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart @Project Heal for honoring @Marti Noxon and me tonight and including us in such a beautiful, powerful room of those in recovery.

We should never feel shameful or have regrets about our experiences.

No guy had ever put in the effort to notice me or ask me out on a date. To my friends, I was "Queen B," the B standing for Bumble.

I had spent two years in a relationship with a great guy, but since that had ended, I had been in a bit of a slump. My matches always responded, and I always responded to my matches. I grew jealous if I knew others had matched with people I had matched with, even stressed over whether or not they found them more attractive than me.