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I am writing looking for any help (and I apologize inadvance for the length).I have never dated an addict before or someone inrecovery.She also is biracial, though she notes she passes as white.Her father, a manager of a car dealership, is African-American, and her mother, who does security for a hospital, is Italian-American.He is avery good actor and was very good at having his lies have enough truth that Iwanted to believe him.I am a very empathetic, loving, and forgiving person and I obviously feel used at this point.I started hiding my creditcards, changed all of my pins, had savings he couldn’t access from an ATM butwhenever he needed money it was for legitimate things - $ for his mom (which Ifound out now that she never received), toll money to get to work, gas.

They don’t need to be taken care of; they learned how to do that for themselves.

A few months into us dating he called me one night to tell me he had slipped up and been getting high again.

He was adament that it was a huge mistake and he wholly regretted what he'd done, that he'd already made some phone calls and found a detox center where he could go get clean.

So this is my first attempt at getting any kind of help for myself about my boyfriend and his addiction. On our first date he told me right upfront that he was a recovered heroin addict and had been clean for almost five years.

I accepted this about his and chose did what was needed to maintain his sobriety.