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During a party on Christmas in 1992, one of the regime’s former propaganda officers, Ji Hae Nam, made the mistake of singing a South Korean song.

She was sentenced to three years in jail and, as she testified to the United States Congress after her escape, beaten so severely she could not get up for a month,” wrote Richard V.

Also with Keri Russell, Brendan Gleeson, Jacob Lofland, Brad Carter and Sean Bridgers. [] A woman sitting in a church pew has a large belly and we hear that she is pregnant; the camera cuts to her shoulders and head as she screams in labor pains (we see her bare upper arms and a glimpse of both knees in a long shot as we hear a baby cry and later see a clothed baby).

- Soldiers kneel in a long line and shoot at opposing soldiers while cannons fire balls that cause smoke, fires, and throw dirt into the air; we see the tops of three soldier's heads blow into the air with blood and gore and a close-up shows the wide open skull of a fallen soldier with his face missing and flies buzzing around the opening.

It’s cool that he’ll be a part of it in some way, although we doubt fans will be very happy about it.

The first High School Musical film aired on the Disney Channel in 2006, earning the station the highest-ratings ever at the time.

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Kim Jong-il only permits music that sing the praises of his every move, or otherwise the ideals of communism, and songs have titles like ‘Our Life Is Precisely a Song’, ‘We Shall Hold Bayonettes More Firmly’ and ‘The Joy of Bumper Harvest Overflows Amidst the Song of Mechanisation’.

CNN interview in 2008On the occastion of New York Philharmonic’s concert in North Korea on 26 February 2008, CNN’s star reporter Christiane Amanpour travelled to South Korea to meet the exiled singer.

Hogs are shown eating out the stomach of a dead man lying on the ground with his back to the camera.

Lines of soldiers at Vicksburg with long rifles march straight toward an encampment, stepping over and ignoring several dead soldiers on the ground and additional men who fall dead.