Foils for code dating on pharmaceuticals

“We’re not even just talking about the market shelf-life of a medicine strip here.

It’s alarming how little the average person understands how quickly a medicine becomes dangerous for consumption.”For example, while it’s common in the West for medicine to be sold by the box, much of the world buys its medicine in strips, just a few pills at a time. Instead of simply printing the expiration date on a blister pack of medicine, which can be hard to read or which can wear off, why not coat the foil with a specially treated paper that changes color as it ages?

BELL-MARK printing and coding equipment delivers industry leading reliability and durability, time and time again.

High resolution print quality that is consistent, affords you the peace of mind in knowing that your codes will not fail.

This data can be in the form of human readable text or through the use of barcoding, which aids in the process of authenticating the data electronically.

We are fortunate to have many different marking and coding technologies to choose from to fit the various applications: Matthews can help you maintain compliance and traceability.

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We usually don’t even pay attention to the tiny, vaguely printed expiration dates tattooed on the silver skin of our aspirin or cough medicine’s packaging; we take for granted that it’s in date.A well-designed packaging process can have a positive effect on the KPIs for your supply chain.Examples of this include limiting stock levels and working capital, improving the reliability of delivery, and limiting obsolete stock.Serialization is key, from unit-level to case level, and Matthews is armed with the products to provide it.The basics of serialization (lot codes, batch codes, item numbers, time and date stamp) enable traceability from origination at the point of manufacture to the end of the supply chain.