Disable peerguardian before updating

The new Peer Guardian Linux is the official successor and based on the Mo Block fork NFBlock, blockcontrol and mobloquer.The usage is nearly identical, just type "pglcmd" instead of "blockcontrol". Note: Since version 0.9 RC1 Mo Block no longer conflicts with other firewalls.The first public version was released in 2003, at a time when the music industry started to sue individual file sharing users (a change from its previous stance that it would not target consumers with copyright infringement lawsuits).The original Peer Guardian (1.0) was programmed in Visual Basic and quickly became popular among P2P users despite blocking only the common TCP protocol and being known for high RAM and CPU usage when connected to P2P networks.pgl consists of three components: pgld, pglcmd and pglgui.Users control pgl Note for blocklist operations: When the master blocklist is built, missing single blocklists are downloaded.

If you don't know your local IP check it with "sudo ip addr".But you have to make sure that Mo Block is started after them and the iptables rules don't get changed later.Also consider that routers can make software firewalls on your computer redundant.If any blocklist fails to download, and if there is no old version available, the operation aborts.If a downloaded blocklist fails to extract, it is deleted and the operation aborts.