Def poetry jam dating myself

“Pretty hurts”There are things we won’t say so this day I belief if self-doubt was a religionit would be the only thing we believe inbut is not our fault believe it or not there’s an insecure person hidden inside each and every one of us and every morning none of us discuss how tough it is or how much of a struggle it is to wake up and have blind dates with a mirror that wishes it could see other people we we’re insecure by default the world’s biggest joke is that we are all born equal it doesn’t take a genius to see our suffering from self-hatred kids learn at early ages that that the best looking is usually the teacher’s favorite or how cuter siblings are disciplined different for doing exactly the same thing isn't it amazing how the people we like find us fit for friendship but out of shape for dating so the phrase “being pretty hurts” is an overstatement because being ugly kills ask yourself ask yourself how it feels to have looks that aren't in fashion or how sarcasm thanks your parents for genes that aren't in style to asking God why me whenever taking a selfie some people won’t understand that Instagram treats bad looking pictures like disability victim “don’t look for too long” “avoid feeling sorry for them at all cost”How we not acknowledge the tolerance only way that we give to pretty people who do ugly things this world bring our insecurities it teaches us to be vain we’re so concerned about the physical that we don't observe the literal facts that there are companies who stock in our self-esteem profiting from how we see ourselves and make other people feelinstilling an impossible quest for perfection that lessens our self-acceptance hence being the reasonconformity has killed more identities than education has killed potential look not everyone can fit into a stencil but it seems that everybody is trying to lying for their teeth would supposedly need a fix no wonder they can't crack a smile in denial because some of us eat just to throw uppose enough at the right angle maybe you’ll look at yourself a little different until then another person’s blessing would feel like God gave up on youreluctant to save yourself from yourself tell me (I couldn’t get what he was saying exactly here but if someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated) telling someone how you feel about this you are encouraged to stick with it to hide your truths on the preferential treatment that you are not receiving because you are being far from being aesthetically pleasing I’ve seen it I can see it look hiding how you feel isn't helping anyone yet bitting your tongue despite your truths is an injustice to everyone so to everyone living a life they are dying to tell just say somethingsay a word say a sentence say you are hurting because I can see itand so do all of you -Lion Heart The first time I heard this poem it clashed with my soul.

Even poets who are critical of the poetry slam, such as John S.It's a great, great moment, just as opened on Broadway.Hip-hop is a tough game in which only the best survive.I'm probably the only person to be on there who hasn't slammed.And I think most people on Def Poetry have won slams or done well in slams.