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Relationship Status: Married (Fun fact: Lindsey is married to Jason from the dudes post last week) Say hello to…Kelsie, age 29 from Oreland, PA Relationship Status: Single Say hello to…Julia, age 29 from Hatboro, PA Relationship Status: In a relationship Relationship Status: Single Say hello to…Jade, age 26 from Philadelphia, PA Relationship Status: In a long-term relationship (co-habitating, too) (Bonus answers come from a friend who preferred to remain anonymous.

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The three things mentioned presumably refers to clothing, jewelry, and money.

A few weeks ago, I published a blog post all about dating and relationships- Do You Follow “The Rules”? After hitting publish, I was flooded with comments, emails and tweets.

It appears that everyone has an opinion or story when it comes to this hot topic.

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