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We'd like to see everyone at the university take advantage of this resource," said Robyn Bergstrom, former dean of the College of Business and Communication. Get Abstract is a database that offers five-page summaries of business-related books in a magazine format.Bergstrom worked with Mike Thueson and Jessica Sorenson of the university's Purchasing Office to arrange BYU-Idaho's free usage of both sites. Most abstracts are designed to be read in less than 10 minutes.There are just a few minor modifications between the two 34-page documents.For example, an e Harmony question reads, “I greatly appreciate the physical beauty of the opposite sex.” The Compatible Partners version reads, “I greatly appreciate physical attractiveness when looking at people.” The company changed so little in the surveys that it put a disclosure on the Compatible Partners home page.Online and Get Abstract are available at no cost to all BYU-Idaho students and employees."Having free access to two useful websites like these is a great benefit to both students and employees.And some sites, like Plentyof and Ok Cupid, offer basic membership for free.

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An article recently published in the Wall Street Journal called online dating scams an epidemic.To learn how to sign up for Get Abstract, click here.Spark Networks Inc., owner of Christian, and other faith-based dating websites, will make its services more LGBT-friendly after settling a discrimination lawsuit filed by two gay men."Known as the Unruh Civil Rights Act, the state law requires 'business establishments' to offer 'full and equal accommodations' to people regardless of their sexual orientation," The Wall Street Journal reported.Spark Networks did not admit wrongdoing as part of the settlement agreement, but "it did agree to pay each plaintiff ,000 and cover the 0,000 they had accumulated" in legal fees, CBC News reported.