Dating midlife backdating fmla

It’s not an issue It’s not an issue, unless you make it an issue.You both know the differences in your age, as does everyone else.Dating someone older is often looked at as strange, and something that should be avoided when the other party is has a certain number of years on you.

By this time, you already have a clear idea of what makes a relationship great for you. Make sure that you have a clearer mindset of what you are looking for in the dating scene. One of the main differences about dating young and dating in your later years is patience.You may have both moved on from a divorce or bad relationships, and have become stronger as individuals.The difference in age can still present its challenges because of social pressures or certain generational differences, but here are some tips on how you can make your relationship work: 1. I do because I go out looking for a parking space and not “I never find anywhere to park.” Does that make sense?My radio guest, Kate Crow, has been helping people understand and navigate personal transitions for over 20 years.