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This gives the impression that Black women do not embrace their natural hair, thus perpetuating the idea that we are forever envious of White women.In a world in which beauty is conceived of as a specifically female power, investing White women with the sole ability to marshal said power is deeply problematic.

In “Good Hair,” it was suggested that Black women are seeking the idealized attributes of White women and therefore the chase in and of itself, is confirmation that we (read: Black women), affirm our second class standing.Maya Angelou, Nia Long, Ice T, Raven Symone and the Reverend Al Sharpton, Rock attempted to discuss how Black women feel about their hair.With the exception of one actress, each woman presented either wore a weave or had her hair relaxed.“I could give you the Henry Louis Gates’ answer or the actual answer,” the four-time Emmy winner added. In “Good Hair,” Rock travels to a hair exporter in India, an Asian hair importer in L. And with his blond bob and shiny-happy demeanor, he makes an endearing underdog. “When you’ve done a movie, you’ve been through something with someone.Come February, the comic might even add “Oscar-nominated” to his resume if the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences documentary gatekeepers get with the program. Except that when interviewed, Grigger’s competitors admit he’s the one they’re most worried about. My relationship with Jason Griggers is no different than my relationship to Anthony Hopkins. I’ll always know Jason Griggers.” Hair, by the book Hair matters.