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MY: I can’t say for all the ethnicities, but my own experience with white girls, and it’s not all the time obviously, but there were times when a girl would say, “Oh, my parents will totally be fine.” And then we started dating, and her parents found out, and they weren’t cool. And sometimes you experience a side of her parents that [the parents] are experiencing for the first time. It was actually some of the parents of my Chinese or Korean girlfriends that didn’t like that I was Japanese. MY: You automatically get stereotyped no matter what ethnicity you are. The AMBW Blasian Community is very diverse but often times the media as well as a lack of interactions with those of a different ethnicity can lead to prejudices and stereotypes.An Asian submissive brings an elegance and sophistication to the dates that will enhance the time spent together.Such a presence comes from centuries of a Submissive and BDSM culture in the eastern Asian countries of China, Japan and Korea.

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The other day I was driving down the street, and this girl pulls up next to me screaming [high- pitched voice], “OMIGOD I love you! They know who you are, but you have no idea who they are. How do you react to someone knowing so much about you? So I never felt that pressure, whereas I know a lot of Asian parents want their daughters to date someone Asian. MY: Here’s what I like about it: when they say, “I feel like I know you.” That’s like the biggest compliment to me. I would date anyone: black girls, white girls, Asian girls. I’m OK with them not really knowing me, but for them to feel like they know me must mean they have some kind of connection with me. So, let’s talk about dating with your unique perspective as someone half-black and half-Asian. With the white girls, you know, they didn’t know what I was, so their parents didn’t know which stereotypes to apply. My friend Joy Richardson is in Korea with her 9 year-old son teaching English to children.She is gaining some very rich experience and so is her son. It may surprise some that American sisters and African sisters are also living happily in Korea with their husbands and children.