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Alex Burriss: We are at a hotel and we are renting a room, and we’re standing a foot from the receptionist, and she’s like, “Oh yeah, we can get you a room.” And I was like, “Yeah, okay cool.” Then this kid walks by in front of us with a camera in his face and just walks by in that foot space and just walks away.

Then every once in awhile we’ll see him outside our hotel door or when we go outside.

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You WILL be removed if you are caught to be underage. So much so that a cursory Google search of “Alex Wassabi” yields the result “Alex Wassabi Shirtless” followed by “Alex Wassabi Birthday,” which if I understand fangirls (I don’t), tells me people want to send him a shirt on his birthday, or something like that. Slaters and Lord Byrons, Alex Burriss of You Tube’s Wassabi Productions is a ladies’ man.It’s been around since 1996 and is responsible for millions of sexy connections.No matter if you prefer to chat via virtual flirts, email, instant messaging, or video, AFF makes it possible and affordable.