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The Afghan military launched a counter-offensive on the city, Ghani said in a televised address to the nation, adding that his security forces are "retaking government buildings ...

“The months since my last briefing have been unusually tense in Afghanistan,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, briefing the UN Security Council.

“Without enhanced efforts by the National Unity Government to increase political inclusiveness, strengthen accountability, and improve the Government's credibility, particularly in the security sector, we are likely to face more crises in an increasingly fragile environment.” In his briefing, the senior UN official spoke of the emerging political differences following the 31 May terrorist attack in Kabul and warned that violent extremist groups could try to exacerbate the divisions, especially along sectarian lines.

Of that, roughly trillion is attributable to Afghanistan. But even that higher figure leaves out some key expenses, such as the future costs of interest Americans will owe for the money borrowed to finance the war in Afghanistan. has a history of wartime taxation to finance military conflicts — albeit uneven — that tradition was broken with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to tax historian Joe Thorndike. already spends more on defense than any other country The trillion also doesn’t include future spending on the Department of Veterans Affairs related to Afghanistan or the money paid by states and localities for services provided to returning vets.

That alone could add trillions of dollars to the total tab. Not only did Congress not pass a tax to finance the efforts, it opted instead to pass the Bush tax cuts. Estimates vary widely because there is no clearly delineated, uniform way that money spent on wars is allocated or counted by the White House or Congress.