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We do our best to educate and monitor their internet actions but I learned how easy it is for good kids to be targeted and slowly sucked into participating in a way that is not of their usual character. If your kid likes metal that's great BUT don't let him/her be on Metal Amino.

It's full of bullies (who even bully autists), they respond with lenny faces & kys (Kill yourself) but they do much more terrible things.

The ratings are set by a standards organization that determines whether or not the material is appropriate for children.

If a TV show, movie, or other piece of content has not been rated by a known standards organization, Netflix will use its reasonable judgment to determine whether or not the material is appropriate, and assign a "Kids OK," "Netflix Guidance (G)," or "Adult" rating.

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Obviously, this app is not safely monitored for children.Family Connections is dedicated to supporting adult cancer patients who are parents and their children.The program offers guidance, information, and resources to those who are dealing with cancer in their family, and helps identify and respond to the needs of parents and children by supporting, supplementing, and empowering family coping. Dana-Farber's Young and Strong Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer focuses on the unique needs of women in their early 40s and younger who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, including fertility and genetic counseling, and state-of-the-art cancer [email protected] hosts a variety of programs for young adults with cancer that focus on peer support, skill building, educational workshops, and social networking.YAP can connect you with social workers, psychologists, or psychiatrists who have specific expertise working with young adults.