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''One day I came home, and the bird said, 'Hello.' It blew me away.'' James Betts, who lives on the Upper West Side, also wandered in.

''My parents never let me have a pet when I was a kid,'' he said.

Among the reasons is that some South American countries are restricting their exports, and deforestation has affected the breeding of all large macaws.

Once imported, they tend not to reproduce prolifically in captivity.

Perhaps you feel like you’d like to read or reread and you’re wondering if this is something you can do with your kid(s), and if so, how to approach any discussion about it. When covered as part of a school curriculum, I mostly see 1984 assigned to juniors or seniors (17-18 years of age).

Their Bird Jungle is one of several shops that have sprung up in the metropolitan area in the last few years in which many of the birds, mostly parrots, roam about uncaged, mingling with and occasionally chatting with customers.

The protagonist, Winston Smith, works for the Ministry of Truth, which is responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism.

His job is to rewrite past newspaper articles, so that the historical record always supports the party line.

The Bird Jungle shops operate under franchises from a store of that name in Bayside, Queens. Some say the most appealing bird recently in the Bird Jungle menagerie in the Village was a 14-week-old hybrid buffon macaw named Reggie. Fernandez, who is also a Wall Street insurance broker, described Reggie as a cross between a buffon and a military macaw, a fairly rare hybrid, which may be the reason someone bought her the other day for ,600.

Other Bird Jungle shops - all are independently owned - are in Scarsdale, N. Or perhaps the customer liked the way she says ''hello'' and ''I love you.'' Domestic parakeets and cockateels can be bought in the to 0 range, but the bigger and more exotic birds range in price from ,000 to ,000 or more.